Our Story

VIP Fiber is all about delivering reliable and lightning-fast internet to both homes and businesses in Vallejo, completely transforming their connectivity.

Fireman from Vallejo showing that VIP Fiber is about caring for the community

Empowering the Heart of the Community

The City of Vallejo has a robust underground conduit/fiber infrastructure. The underground conduit/fiber infrastructure spans over 44 linear miles, connecting all major intersections and traffic signals throughout the city.

The network was installed in the mid-nineties. Since 2014, the City of Vallejo has been actively converting this asset to a municipal fiber network to create a public benefit network. In 2016, a Fiber Optic Master plan was developed and adopted by the City Council. Between 2017 and 2022, Vallejo established a fiber enterprise fund to enhance and expand the underground municipal network.

Creating Connectivity for All

Multiple POPs (point of presence) were created to distribute municipal broadband to residents and businesses. Between 2021 and 2022, the city refreshed its broadband master plan of 2016 and created a new Broadband & Digital Equity Strategy. The Broadband strategy was adopted by the city council in 2022. The City selected a new P3 (public-private partner) Smart Fiber Networks through a competitive RFP process to manage its municipal fiber work.

Through its new P3 partnership and infusion of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding, the city desires to expand the underground conduit/fiber network over the next several years to create a robust network that can serve Vallejo’s large and small businesses, non-profits, anchor institutions, low-income housing, and underserved communities. Through this investment in broadband, the goal of the City Council is to create a network that is used for the public benefit of the citizens of Vallejo.

African American family showing that VIP Fiber is about social bonds
The City of Vallejo showing what VIP Fiber is about

Future Endeavors for Vallejo

A detailed audit of the entire 44 miles of the network is scheduled to baseline its condition and health, ensuring its longevity and efficiency.

Vallejo’s downtown and key public spaces, including Barbara Kondolys Waterfront Park, Ferry Building, Blue Rock Springs Park, and Dan Foley Cultural Center, are set to receive Public Wi-Fi, enhancing connectivity for residents and visitors alike.

Connecting seven remaining municipal facilities to the city’s fiber will not only streamline operations but also eliminate recurring charges to various telecom vendors.

Collaborations with non-profits and low-income housing projects continue to bridge the digital divide. These initiatives reflect the city’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to digital resources.

An innovative pilot project is in the pipeline, bringing fiber directly to neighborhoods, marking a significant stride in enhancing local connectivity.

The development of a resilient redundant path for the existing fiber network is a crucial step in ensuring uninterrupted and reliable connectivity.