Residential Internet

Experience the power of community with our lighting-fast fiber internet.

  • No data caps
  • No lock-in contracts or hidden fees
  • Community-owned with local, friendly service
VIP Fiber Residential, plans start at $65

Life moves fast, and so should your internet.

VIP Fiber offers the bandwidth to support all of today’s needs for the residential community: distance learning, telemedicine, remote work, gaming, streaming television, and more. Even when the whole family is plugged in at once, VIP Fiber keeps moving in high gear. Plans start at $65/month

Packages range from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

No data caps or contracts

Connect to an Easy, Friendly & Reliable Service, Located Right Around the Corner.

Since the VIP network is owned and managed by the City of Vallejo, there is a greater investment in infrastructure and maintenance. This means fewer outages and faster speeds. Here are a few more reasons to connect:

Typically faster and more reliable internet speeds

City-owned fiber network is more affordable than private providers

Connecting can help support your local residential community

Asian technician working on VIP Fiber Residential servers
Residential VIP Fiber Vallejo City Limit, Population 121,097

Designed by the City of Vallejo

Community-owned ISPs are driven by the needs and interests of the local residents rather than profit-driven motives. VIP Fiber empowers our residential community with lightning-fast internet speeds owned by the people, for the people.